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Rose Art Ultimate Artist Watercolor Canvas Painting - Cat

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Your future may be a blank canvas, but the Ultimate Artist Watercolor Canvas
Painting Set has your path to success all mapped out! The set provides
everything you need to easily create a beautiful watercolor masterpiece you’ll
be proud to display. Color as you please using the watercolor pencils to add
detail and shading. They work just like any other colored pencil. Once you’ve
colored your canvas, dip the paint brush in a little water and apply to your
pencilwork. You’ll see watercolor effects magically unleashed before your eyes
as the colors soften and blend together. When you’re done, be sure to display
your artwork for all to enjoy! Key Features Printed stretched canvas, 8
watercolor pencils, paint brush Four canvas designs available: folk art fox,
floral, island, peacock Create unique and beautiful watercolor art on canvas
Non-toxic materials
  • Ultimate artist watercolor canvas painting - cat
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