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Since the grand opening in 1972 we have been providing quality toys for quality kids, when you walk into Toys 4 U it's like walking into a magic factory -- Anything you could dream up, is already there.

Our stores are staffed by the best of the best, full of creative and innovative playthings and fashioned for FUN! Our high energy and knowledgeable employees take pride in helping you choose that perfect toy for any occasion.

After so many years in business we've come to recognize which toys are able to meet our high standards in-play and  in educational value, which eliminates the guesswork for our customers. At Toys 4 U we always have a full selection of unique toys you won't find at just any other store. You'll also find what's going on in toys today as well as trusty old favorites that have stood the test of time.

Toys 4 U is not only for the young, but also, for the young at heart…

Do you live in the neighborhood?

We would love to see you! Come visit us at any of our locations; you won’t be disappointed! We are known for our friendly and knowledgeable staff; why not let them help pick out that perfect gift for your loved one?

Bring the kids! At Toys 4 U we encourage all to join, making the visit that much more special.

Here are a few fun things about us!

  • The very first Toys 4 U store opened in Williamsburg in 1972 It was just 350 square feet: smaller than the average hotel room.
  • Every year our team of toy experts travels across three continents to discover the best and most fun toys in the world. That’s like traveling the entire US Interstate Highway more than 50 times.
  • One of the first toys we sold at Toys 4 U more than 45 years ago was a classic card game by Ultra. We still carry that exact model today.
  • We sell an estimated 50,000,000 Playmobil pieces every year: that’s one for every American parent to step on (and about 10,000 left over to get sucked up in the vacuum).
  • Amongst the best-selling toys at Toys 4 U is our very own Playmags!