Hammont Chanukah Themed Table Cloth Festive Table Cover Ideal for Chanukah Parties, Family Dinner and Special Events High Premium Quality Material (54108)

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Tablecloth is decorative accessories which are highly used to decorate the tables at home, special events and party time. The tablecloths are used to decorate the table to give the gorgeous view for visitors. Create a nice table setting for your next party or get-together with our Chanukah themed table covers.

With a Chanukah theme of patriotic fun, a table can be dressed in our tablecloth on a bright background colors. When you use Chanukah themed plates, cups, napkins and snack cups, the theme begins to come alive.

Chanukah Themed Table Cloth
Disposable and premium quality material
Size: 54 108 inches
Multi colors
Traditional table cloth

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  • TRADITIONAL: These Awesome Chanukah Festival themed Table covers are the perfect addition to your Chanukah festival-themed Party, Family Dinner and Birthday Parties etc. These table cloths are accoutered with beautiful design which is very soothing to the eyes
  • SIZE: The measurement of these Chanukah Table Cloth is 54108 Inch best for the festive table cover to be fitted for parties and events, Chanukah style table covers make lasting memories
  • QUALITY: Chanukah Tablecloth is made of High premium quality. A great way to fight off drink rings and stains during parties because after party you can easily throw off and these special Chanukah design table cover for celebrations like Chanukah festival and family dinner etc
  • QUANTITY: Save money by choosing a normal sized package; This Chanukah tablecloth contains 1 packs, you're sure to have your tables covered for just about any event and parties that comes your way, guest will be impressed by this wonderful addition to the table
  • Usage: You surely remember how annoying it is always having to wash dozens of dishes, cups, after each family dinner, Special Events or Birthday party. If youre looking for an easy and classy way out of it, we offer the perfect solution to use these disposable tablecloths
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