Speedy Words Family Party Card Game

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  • Speedy Words Family Party Card Game
  • Speedy Words Family Party Card Game
  • Speedy Words Family Party Card Game
  • Speedy Words Family Party Card Game
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Be the quickest to find a word that starts with a letter that matches a category to win a card. Have the most cards at the end to be the winner. To play, place the deck of cards category side up in the center. Each player, in their turn, flips the top card and places it next to the deck, letters side up. A new category card is now exposed in a specific color. On the flipped card, 3 letters appear in different colors. The first player to call out loud a word that starts with the letter that matches the color of the category wins the card. A new card is immediately flipped and another round starts. The player with the most cards at the end wins the game. Simple Smart Fun on the Go!!!
  • A Quick Game for Quick Minds: With numerous international editions now popular around the world, Speedy Words challenges players to quickly come up with words that start with a given letter and that represent a certain category (e.g. words starting with the letter D that represent a profession possible answers: detective, driver, dentist...). Use easy rules when playing with children or expert rules for teenagers and adults
  • Easy to Learn and Play: Speedy Words can be taught and learned in seconds, making it both a party game and an excellent educational game broadening players general knowledge and vocabulary
  • Compact and Portable Travel Game: Play Speedy Words anywhere, anytime. Comes in a convenient tin box that makes it easy to have fun on the go! (Can be played in a car, plane, restaurant, outdoors...)
  • PART OF THE FUN IN A BOX COLLECTION: Part of FoxMinds line of small, smart and fun games that are easy to learn, quick to play and come in a tin box (see also Brain Flip, Odd World and Takamachi!). Search for Mots Rapido if you're looking for the French Version of Speedy Words!
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