KEVA Contraptions Plank Set

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  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set
  • KEVA Contraptions Plank Set


The simplicity of KEVA is compelling!

With KEVA every piece is exactly the same so builders don't waste time searching for a particular connector, carefully maintaining an inventory of parts or discovering that they do not have enough of the correct pieces to finish their design. The planks are precision-milled so they are all exactly the same and they stack with unbelievable stability. The simplicity and uniformity of KEVA planks allows limitless possibilities in construction. You will be astounded what simple stacking of high-quality, ingeniously-designed planks can do!

Strengthens STEM

KEVA teaches a basic understanding of physics and engineering concepts. From the simplest counting exercises to the most complex bridge challenges, KEVA can change abstract concepts into tangible form. Children can get a "feel" for numbers and a first-hand understanding of the physical forces acting on the planks. The fundamental understanding of number relationships gained by a first grader playing with blocks can benefit him or her years later in high school calculus, simply stack the planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. Loved by kids as young as 5 and as old as 100.

Lesson plans

Research shows children who play with blocks tend to do better in mathematics and science. Physically handling the blocks builds a fundamental understanding of quantities, equality, geometry, etc. The KEVA Educator's Manual is loaded with lesson plans and classroom activities. The guide shows you how to add a hands-on component to math, science, reading, social studies, and other subjects.

Two types of planks-Pine and Maple! Pine planks Standard KEVA planks are made from high-quality pine KEVA planks are affordable and durable. The wood grain creates a beautiful, natural finish.

Each kit includes an idea book with concepts to stimulate builders.

  • WELL DESIGNED CONTRAPTIONS: Unlike other Rube-Goldberg type toy contraptions, our KEVA Playset employs snugly, fitting non-warped pieces that don't have breaks or skips, meaning the ball will never move unpredictably or careen off. Guaranteed to entertain rather than frustrate!
  • INTERCHANGEABLE: These planks are the same size and shape of other Kapla or KEVA planks and thus can be used interchangeably with those systems to construct elaborate and expansive structures.
  • TOYS THAT TEACH: Our KEVA Contraptions are fantastic toys for teaching children to embrace their creativity and design engineering marvels. With 200 identical wooden planks crafted to be used as scaffolding, ramps, paths, and much more, this toy is perfect for any child looking to build and learn problem solving with basic physics. Who knows, in time you might have an architect on your hands!
  • NO HASSLE: With no glue or connectors needed, our KEVA Contraptions set is ready to play right out of the box. Forget the hassle of having to round up a laundry list of non-included tools. Simply unpack and build!
  • INCLUDES: Package includes 200 identical wooden planks, 2 balls, and 1 idea book with project photos and quick start instructions.
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