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Pacific 6 Piece Roller Skate Protective Gear for Multi Sport Skateboarding, Scootering, Bmx, Biking, Cycling (Gray)

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  • Pacific 6 Piece Roller Skate Protective Gear for Multi Sport Skateboarding, Scootering, Bmx, Biking, Cycling (Gray)
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Let your love ones get adventurous with the partner that cares, the gear black knee and elbow pads has the power to give him/her protection in those situations which are systematic. Feeling the peak of adventure; the durable material on which you can rely on. The complete protection for knee and elbow ;the design for the product is made especially for the protection for the specific areas which are have the most chances to get hurt. Improve his/her performance by keeping him/her with in the protection of Pacific. Pacific consist upon the six pieces, covering the major three areas
Elbow protection

Pacific elbow pad is specially made to give protection from major and minor injuries, these pad are made up of the most safest reliable material. There are no chances under Pacific elbow pads injuries causes to the elbow
Knee protection

Knee injuries are the most dangerous among the classification, some accidental injuries left the side effects last forever, for the protection of your loves ones. Pacific knee protection is the wisest option. Made up with safest material, Pacific knee pad has the ability to protect knee from the most critical situations.
Wrist protection

Adventure may have side effects, if you don't look into precautions. The good experiences may have the high weight in your memories but no one neglect the bad ones!!! Let the Pacific protect your wrist and go for the good experiences
Additional benefits

Be cool by having the Pacific protection, not like other brands , Pacific has the eye catching looks
. Be confident in your moves, Pacific is ultimate catalyst to your confident; when they are protected they can enjoy the exploration.
Most attractive carrying bag ; keep your Pacific with in order.
With the two most attractive colors ; pink and gray.
Best for
Inline skate

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