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Payday Game

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Payday Game
  • Payday Game
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Inception Year 1975 of Pay Day:
Pay Day is very effective game for socialization and social linkages, this game applicable on all age groups, whether parents or kids both can be benefitted through such a scintillating game.
Design: Its design or created keeping g in mind the mindset of all age groups, it proved to be very key component of increasing mental strength specifically in childrens.
Concise Time Required to play such a smart game of Play Day:
one just required 15minutes to complete the game, as we live currently in a world where no body have leisure time and this game provides us a leverage to play this game with your kids and relatives and also ensures to be with them through such a tremendous product.
Source of Saving:
Players start or add to their savings only on Pay Day. Players may withdraw all / part of their savings only on Pay Day (if the player wants to withdraw at another time, they pay a specific amount)
CONTENT Requirement:
Players aging from 2 to 4 Years and 8+ years can play it. cards, saving and loan pad and instructions are the essential elements of the game. Basic purpose is to encourage kids of different stages to take part in knowledge seeking game and to enhance capability of making decision.
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